Why pod ?

Pod is the acronym of Piece Of Data. The data you manage is scattered among many apps. Because the pod core technology allows us to manage data as pieces, as it is in the real world, it is perfect for data gathering from many different sources to connect them all, providing a 360° view in one place. This place is the Podbox.

Traditional data structures are rigid

Since the internet was born, the data management market has been moving faster and faster: it became critical to be agile and faster than competitors. Companies are now measuring how critical their information system is. They need constant updates to match their business. The problem is that such updates require a lot of time and money.

Since the beginning of IT, most information systems have been managing the data as files or tables (in RDBMS), considering lines or rows as the unit of data. The same logical structure remained in software development, building Objects as a set a values (UML). The problem is that such a structure is not flexible enough when updating your data model: changing a relationship, splitting an entity, reorganizing data to reach a upper level of abstraction. You know how expensive it is to change the data model as soon as the application has been put into use.

Most of the time, in order to reduce the costs and shorten the time to market, quality standards are not met. When a company cannot wait to improve a part of its information system properly, it is poorly patched up as a result.

The Pod Technology

Dominique Péré created Pod in 2007. Since that moment, he has been working hard with the team to experiment and develop this new data modeling language in applications. The pod technology has required 6 years of research. Pod programming was founded in 2010 to introduce these researches onto the market.

In 2011, we decided to focus on the real problems everyone encounters with the data: it is scattered everywhere!

Podbox was born.

The Podbox was a real technical challenge, and a part of a vision. Our pod technology makes that possible.

Grants, sponsorships and partnerships

Pod programming works in partnership with the INRIA (national institute for research in computer science and control) in order to solve the model driven issues

Since 2009, Oseo has been doing a great job in supporting our R&D work. They have given us the opportunity to validate the feasibility of our concept. Now they are helping us to implement solutions.

The local incubator Emergys and Rennes Atalante also support our management team in strategic choices, market research, local enterprise networking, etc.

Pod programming is a JEI (young innovative enterprise).

Legal Notices


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